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Why Choose Us

Pragmatic enterprise spirit

Pragmatic enterprise spirit

Responsibility reflects the strength of the company. Over the past ten years, MIULAB has been developing and growing step by step with the honest work spirit and perfect product quality.
Strong R & D capabilities

Strong R & D capabilities

Miulab pays great attention to product development, is a national high-tech enterprise and has several invention patents. We have a professional and stable R&D team, which will launch many new products every year.
Professional service team.

Professional service team.

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality pre-sales and after-sales service.
Excellent Product Quality

Excellent Product Quality

Miulab has professional R&D and production conditions, can customize according to your specific needs for for different instrument specifications and parameters, and provide customers with comprehensive OEM products.


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about usMIULAB is a professional laboratory instrument manufactory which has strong research and development, production and sales ability. MIULAB is located in Hangzhou, China with 2000M factory and office. Pursuing the principle of integrity management, MIULAB is committed to produce excellent quality and high cost performance products, provide considerate services. MIULAB keep the concept of creating value for customers, insist the goal of win-win with customers. MIU in the MIULAB is from the same pronunciation of the meas- urement unit ofμ, means MIULAB products meticulous manu- facturing,attention to details, mini compact of the appearance...


" Survive by quality, develop by service, pursue excellence, and persevere."


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" 70+ Patent "



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